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Introducing Flinkback.

Competency management for higher education


More Successful Learning

Knowing their own competencies and competency gaps, students learn more easily and effectively.

More Effective Teaching

Using Flinkback’s analyses and recommendations, faculty optimally deliver their content and save time.

Better Quality Management

Leveraging Flinkback’s reporting, administrators can deliver continuous programme improvements.

Understand what Flinkback can do for your institution


For Faculty and Administrators

Teaching Analyses and Recommendations

  • With Flinkback’s teaching analyses, faculty and administrators understand which competencies have really been developed in courses. 

  • With Flinkback’s teaching recommendations, faculty can effortlessly optimise and tailor their teaching to the needs of their students.

For Students

Learning analyses and recommendations

  • With Flinkback’s learning analyses, students can understand which competencies they have developed as well as where their competency gaps are. 
  • With Flinkback’s learning recommendations, students always know which compentency gaps to tackle first – for maximum sucess in their studies.


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